COVID-19 and Beyond, The BBN Method- Part 5 Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is crucial. A huge portion of repair work in the body actually happens at night during sleep. Proper sleep is shown to reduce stress and inflammation, improve blood sugar regulation, help with weight, improve mood and brain function and may even reduce the risk of cancer. The ability to deeply and easily sleep is more than just a luxury. It’s an absolute essential piece to maintaining good health and recovering from illness.

What to do:

1)Clear out your bedroom to have few items in it (the less the better). Unclutter the space, put things away and discard things in the room that don’t bring you joy or don’t function.

2) Get a good quality shade on your window to block out light

3) Get a sound machine to drown out noise. Set it to pleasant white noise like rain or waves.

4) Use a fan if your room is hot. Try to keep the temperature cool 60-68 degrees.

5) Use a humidifier if your room is dry.

6)Get a pillow that you love and supports your body and a comfortable supportive mattress. I find hybrid mattresses to be very good for spinal alignment and organic materials.

7) Avoid drinking caffeine and taking stimulants

8) Avoid drinking water 2 hours before bed so reduce waking to use the bathroom

9) Do some form of exercise or stretching during the day

10) Stop using screens when it gets dark outside.

11) Avoid watching the news all day especially at night before bed

12) Read a book rather than read on a screen

13) Go to bed as early as possible and the same time every night. This will help your body to maintain its natural circadian rhythm.

14) Meditate before bed

15) CBD is amazing to help clear the mind and settle the nervous system. I recommend Open Minded Organics brand which we offer.

16) Do a liver pack. These are deeply relaxing and will make you tired! (see full directions in the detox article in Part 4 of this series.


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