Jennifer outlined a plan of action with a monthly calendar with all of my supplements, food suggestions and even gave me recipes. I feel she really listens and comes up with a plan I can continue on for life. She did not give me a list of things I can not eat, rather gives me suggestions on what I can eat and even explains the reason why I can not eat certain foods which is helpful in sticking to my healing journey."
Jennifer has helped me not only in overcoming SIBO but has taught me how to live a better lifestyle through a clean and well balanced diet. Because of her, I have learned and adopted healthy, holistic habits that will last a lifetime. She truly takes the time to listen to everything you have to say and works with you in coming up with a plan that is best suited to your needs. Absolutely wonderful!"
I was a client of Jen’s for more than a year, and I loved working with her! Jen is incredibly attentive and deeply cares about her clients. She wants to understand each as a holistic individual, and uses a vast amount of knowledge about nutrition and holistic health to help each patient achieve their health goals. What I appreciated most while working with Jen is her diligence and willingness to go the extra mile for her clients: When I shared a new symptom or food reaction with Jen, she conducted research and I know worked on it well beyond the usual office hours. Jen often came back to me with very detailed explanations regarding how this occurrence fits into my health puzzle and what to do about it. To give more specifics of what it is like to work with Jen: Our first meeting lasted a full hour, and we had a detailed conversation about my current health situation, my symptoms, and my health goals. Jen listened attentively and with compassion, and asked questions to clarify and dig deeper where she needed more information. Throughout this process, I felt appreciated and cared for. After this meeting, Jen put together a nutrition plan tailored to my specific condition and health goals overcoming even complicated concerns. She provided recipe suggestions to allow a smooth transition to this new way of eating. Throughout our time working together, Jen continued to be attentive, deeply caring and responsive. As my health condition improved, Jen worked closely with me to ensure that my nutrition plan matched my specific situation. Even though I moved away from New York, I continued to be in close touch with her. Jen is a terrific nutritionist and I highly recommend working with her!"
There are no words to fully explain how grateful I am for Jennifer. I began my journey with her at my lowest and sickest point, and she immediately made me feel at ease. She spent a great deal of time making sure she understood my health issues and once we began working together she never stopped holding my hand through the process. She would constantly adjust my individual food/supplement plan and was consistently making sure I was headed in the right direction. She was always a phone call or email away which made me feel comfortable in trying new ways of healing and eating. The healing process is not always easy, but she was there through the ebbs and flows of it all. Jennifer helped me find a realistic plan that fit into my hectic lifestyle. She was understanding, caring, and did whatever it took to make sure I got on the right path. I went from taking baby steps, to major strides, all the way to being stable with Jennifer's expertise. I would strongly recommend her to anyone in need. She set me up for life with the knowledge she gave me and the help she provided me. Thank you, Jennifer!"
Jennifer worked with me at a very difficult time for me when I got a lot of food sensitivities and gut issues. With careful and very thorough assessment, she found for me the right diet with the complimentary supplements. She went above and beyond to take care of me. She sent me food recipes, detailed instructions about my regimens in emails as well as other advice to make sure I am getting the utmost treatment and care. Her personal attitude is outstanding and she has always checked upon my progress and how do I feel. Jennifer is extremely professional. She always takes the extra mile to help you while relentlessly researching the best path until she finds the right program for you. For me, she is the absolute BEST. "
When I first engaged with you I was suffering from an auto-immune ailment known as lichen planas. It was not only affecting my skin all over my body, it was starting to affect me on both spiritual and emotional levels as it was sooooo consuming! Every part of me itched non-stop and with in addition it was extremely unsightly. You set me on the right path with a regimen of supplements and nutritional guidance. it soon subsided and several years later it it still in abeyance. I cannot thank you enough for your info, guidance, compassion and support. I guess this is now officially a love letter and as The Beatles once said most eloquently With Love From Me To you."
Jennifer was amazingly helpful in making over my diet to support my healing after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder. Her knowledge of nutritional needs and supplements for someone struggling with my issues has been unparalleled. She switched up my diet and supplements regularly, as needed. She adjusted things based on how I felt rather than based on the numbers from my blood work. Even when I was going through the most difficult times, Jennifer remained positive and hopeful about my health. Unlike other medical professionals, I feel like Jennifer truly cares about me. After nearly a year of working with Jennifer, I am off all medication and feeling great.
Jennifer played an instrumental role in my healing and remains one of my most trusted partners in the management of my health. I came to the Kellman Center in October 2015 suffering from eczema, poor digestion, unexplained fatigue, severe PMS, and a suite of other chronic symptoms. Prior to the Kellman Center I had explored several paths of healing with other practitioners to no avail. I felt desperate, frustrated, and hopeless. Jennifer assured me that she was there to fight for me and she certainly did. Uncovering the root cause of my condition was a puzzle, but Jennifer was an astute detective. She listened critically during our sessions, drew meaningful hypotheses from my blood work, and thought about my case even when we were not face-to-face. In subsequent meetings, she was always ready to receive new information and synthesize it with the existing data to provide new recommendations. By our third meeting, she pointed me in a game-changing direction. Since then, I have experienced marked reversals of my chronic conditions. I continue to heal under her guidance and feel the best I have felt in years. Although the foundation of Jennifer’s expertise is nutrition, her practice is unique given her deep understanding of functional medicine. On top of being excellent at her craft, she is warm, generous, and encouraging. Natural healing is a lifelong process and I am blessed to have her supporting me on my journey."
I was immediately surprised that during my first appointment with Jennifer, much of the encounter was spent discussing my habits and symptoms outside of nutrition and food. This is when I quickly understood that her approach and experience was far superior to the multitude of nutritional counseling that I had come across in the past decade for my ailments. Jennifer was able to comprehensively understand the breadth of my symptoms and results and in turn, provide an ongoing nutritional protocol exclusively catered to my needs – being hypothyroidism, various food allergies and autoimmune responses/symptoms. Her various protocols and treatments fall beyond the realm of nutrition, making her approach a well-rounded holistic one that exudes a variety of positive and life-changing results. With a 360-degree view of nutrition and disease, Jennifer is an exceptional Functional Nutritionist. She is an expert in her field as her knowledge, treatments and understanding fall far beyond the parameters of nutrition.
I have had the honor and pleasure to be treated by Jennifer. I had a skin problem recently which required periodic usage of steroids. With her professional, methodical approach, Jennifer has carved for me a diet which was aimed to address the root cause of the issue. After a set of meetings in which we tracked the progress, I have started to feel an improvement till full recovery. During this period, Jennifer has demonstrated her diligent, non-compromising approach to overcome the problem at hand yet with a compassionate and attentive attitude. To me, Jennifer symbolizes what a true, topnotch professional is and what true, thorough help can mean to someone’s health.
Jennifer Clemente is one extraordinary nutritionist. I was suffering with stomach pain and fever. My gastroenterologist had no idea what I had. I saw Jennifer who immediately suspected SIBO, ran tests and gave me a specialized diet and botanicals. She gave me my life back. If you have any gastroenterologist difficulties run, don't walk to Jennifer She is smart, helpful and compassionate. I recommend her without reservation.
Jennifer Clemente has provided care and guidance to me for the past three years. In addition to her medical and nutritional expertise, Jennifer is always available in between office visits for consolations and follow ups, whether on the phone or in person. Jennifer gives her full attention; her goal is to tailor the best possible plan for me. When I began being consulted by Jennifer, I was experiencing significant stomach issues such as bloating, cramping and gas. I had previously consulted with various nutritionist and doctors, but it was Jennifer who finally tested me and uncovered SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). Jennifer created a holistic diet and supplement regime, which resulted in a dramatic improvement of my symptoms. She is an exceptional educator and with her guidance I have learned what foods I can eat without triggering my symptoms and how to prepare these foods to element the risk of flare ups. Since I was very limited with what I could eat, Jennifer provided many delicious and satisfying recipes! Jennifer also worked closely with my physician to address medical issues, especially thyroid functioning. Working with her has successfully cleansed my body of toxins and I am virtually symptom free. I cannot thank Jennifer enough for helping me to restore my emotional and physical wellbeing.


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