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What is Functional Nutrition?

Clients are often surprised that as a nutritionist, I question and address areas of the body that seem to have little to do with food such as sleep, energy, skin, mood and pain levels. Functional Nutrition recognizes that every system of the body is intertwined and impacted by external forces including stress, toxins, food and pathogens. This method asks why illness is occurring and actively searches for the underlying imbalances holding you back. Individualized nutrition plans and targeted natural compounds support the body’s function and innate ability heal, allowing you to return to a state of wellbeing.


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My method centers on the health of the gut microbiome. Changes here affect every system of the body.

Personalized Nutrition

As a clinical nutritionist, I have been privileged to see many people’s lives transformed through food. Food is indeed medicine, but at the same time, certain choices can be inflammatory and damaging to cells. Understanding these interactions with your particular condition will help you tune in to your body and start connecting the dots between what you eat and how you feel.

Microbiome Health

At the very center of health is the community of trillions of organisms commonly called the gut microbiome. Changes here can affect every part of the body including the brain, mood, digestion, intestinal health, immunity, metabolism, hormones, weight, pain, skin and inflammation. The core of my approach focuses on re-balancing this key area, laying a powerful foundation for every system of the body.

Natural Supplements

The use of targeted natural compounds can support and boost your body’s innate ability to heal while removing the roadblocks holding you back from health. Through my online pharmacy FULLSCRIPT, I recommend a wide range of practitioner-grade products to help you heal faster.
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Relieve Stress

While diet and the right supplements are key ingredients for healing, stress can actually block your ability to heal or slow down the process. In addition to extensive training in nutrition and functional medicine, I have also completed a 4 year program in spirituality based psychotherapy allowing me to support clients with different stress relief techniques as needed.


Stealth infections and toxins are unseen yet create havoc in the body. Uncovering and addressing these issues can help unburden the immune system, allow inflammation to resolve and overall support the body in returning to a state of balance.

Sleep Hygeine

A large portion of repair work is done in the body at night while we sleep. The ability to deeply and easily sleep is more than just a luxury, it’s an absolute essential piece to maintaining good health and recovering from illness. Making time for restful sleep and setting up practices to help you get there is part of Body Bliss Method.

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