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What is Functional Nutrition?

functional medicineClients are often surprised that as a nutritionist, I question and address areas of the body that seem to have little to do with food such as sleep, energy levels, skin conditions, mood and chronic health conditions. Functional nutrition recognizes that the body and its systems are all integrated and inseparable with each area contributing to the health of the whole. Rather than simply working to manage or cover-up symptoms, this method asks why illness is occurring and actively searches for the root cause of dysfunction. By utilizing testing including genetics, blood, stool and breath it is possible to uncover subtle changes disrupting normal biochemistry and metabolism. I use targeted nutritional plans and supplements to increase the function of various systems of the body, allowing it to return to a state of wellbeing.

"Jennifer was amazingly helpful in making over my diet to support my healing after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder. Her knowledge of nutritional needs and supplements for someone struggling with my issues has been unparalleled. She switched up my diet and supplements regularly, as needed. She adjusted things based on how I felt rather than based on the numbers from my blood work. Even when I was going through the most difficult times, Jennifer remained positive and hopeful about my health. Unlike other medical professionals, I feel like Jennifer truly cares about me.  After nearly a year of working with Jennifer, I am off all medication and feeling great."  —Ami

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