What to Expect From your Visit

New Clients

Please fill out the online health questionnaire and practice policy form and upload it to the member portal prior to your appointment or bring it with you along with copies of all blood and stool tests from the last 2 years, a current list of any medications and supplements you take and a 4 day food log recording all food, snack and beverages consumed for 4 days. Please arrive with a paper copy rather than an electronic copy saved in an application on your phone. If you have forgotten to fill out the intake form please arrive 25 minutes early to complete the necessary forms and ask for them at reception.

All Clients

Your time is important and we strive to maintain an on-time policy to better serve you.  As such, all clients are asked to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment which will start and end during the allotted time slot.

If you arrive late for an appointment, the visit will take place during the time that is remaining and the full appointment fee will be charged.

Cancellations require 24 hours notice.  If your appointment is on Monday, please cancel by Friday. All no-shows or cancellations after the 24 hour window will be charged the full appointment fee. Click here to book an appointment online.

Your Visit

At your initial visit, a thorough intake will be performed, prior testing will be reviewed and updated testing may be recommended including blood, food sensitivity testing, breath and stool. A deep nutritional evaluation will be performed and a targeted protocol will be issued that includes both dietary changes as well as nutritional supplements tailored to your specific test results and condition. Some supplements are available for sale in the office while others are available through Fullscript, my online pharmacy.


Phone Calls/Email Support

In my experience, clients do better when there is support in between office visits.  I am happy to answer brief questions via email to help clarify any issues pertaining to protocols or symptoms. To allow me to answer emails from all clients, please book a 15 minute Clarity Call for deeper questions that require more of a conversation. Any issues longer than 15 minutes require a follow-up appointment.



I accept cash, credit card, and check.  Packages and a la cart sessions may also be purchased online.


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