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New to Body Bliss Nutrition? Here Are Your First Steps


1. Select from the below menu of services.
2. Book your appointment.
3. Fill out the online health questionnaire and practice policy form, and upload them to the member portal prior to your visit. You can also bring a hard copy to the office.
4. Keep a 3-4 day food log, notating anything you eat and drink for these days prior to your visit.
5. Collect prior medical testing to bring to your first appointment or upload them to the client portal. 
6. Get started!


Office Visits

Medical Nutrition Packages + Programs

Follow-ups are recommended every 2 weeks for the first month and every 3-4 weeks thereafter based on progress level. 

Package 1

4 follow-up appointments
($80 savings)
PLUS! Free gift with purchase.

Package 2

8 follow-up appointments
($160 savings)
PLUS! Free gift with purchase.

Book Your Appointment

Please feel free to book online or give the office a call at 646-665-3394.

I will confirm appointments by phone or email before the designated date. Please give me at least 24-hours notice before booking or changing an appointment.
If you'd like to book an appointment today, please give the office a call to see what's available.

Book Online

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations require 24 hours notice before being charged for your visit. To learn more about our cancellation policy,
and to understand what to expect during your visit, please click here.

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