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I transformed my life and so can you!

Since childhood, my health had always been less than stellar. I often suffered with unexplained abdominal pain, GI issues, depression and bloating. By 20, things would slip from my hands because my fingers were painful and weak. Then came IBS, uterine fibroids and late stage pre-cancer. While it’s so obvious now, at the time I wasn’t able to recognize my body’s cry for help or connect the dots between what I felt and what I ate.

Things reached a tipping point in my late 30’s and my health fell apart yet, I was told again and again that the routine tests were normal. Through sheer fate, I stumbled across an alternative health practitioner who finally shed light on my symptoms and found an autoimmune disease. I re-evaluated the choices I was making including my food, career, stress and relationships. Little by little I changed my life and reclaimed my health.

Since then, I have dedicated my practice to helping others uncover hidden causes of sickness, make correct choices through education and empowerment and elevate those suffering by being a supportive health partner.


Jennifer Clemente MS, CNS is a board certified, clinically trained nutritionist and passionate educator specializing in holistic and dietary interventions for all types of chronic illness.

·       Masters of Human Nutrition, University of Bridgeport

·       Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), the gold standard for advanced nutrition professionals

·       Helix Institute Graduate, 4-year spirituality-based psychotherapy program in NYC

·       Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), Member

·       American College of Nutrition, Member

Additional training includes hundreds of continuing education hours on topics such as; Advanced Blood Chemistry, Advanced Thyroid, Functional Endocrinology, Mastering Brain Chemistry, Mitochondrial dysfunction, Genomics/nutrigenomics, Post-cancer Care, Toxicity and Pathogens.

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Jennifer Clemente's Approach

I work with clients to create individualized therapeutic nutritional plans to support the body by removing the triggers of inflammation, optimizing the availability of nutrients and magnifying health by supporting the body’s immune, metabolic and detoxification pathways. The right plan can shorten healing times allow you to regain the sense of vibrancy you may feel you’ve lost.

Body Bliss Nutrition in New York City

Interested in learning more about how you can use functional nutrition to return to a state of wellbeing? Contact me so we can start your journey today. The Body Bliss Nutrition office is centrally located—we're just 15 minutes from downtown Brooklyn or midtown Manhattan with easy access to most trains.