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About Jennifer Clemente MS, CNS

My name is Jennifer Clemente MS, CNS. I am a board certified, clinically trained nutritionist and passionate educator specializing in holistic and dietary interventions for all types of chronic illness. Utilizing a functional medicine approach, I help clients uncover the root causes of the many health conditions they suffer with. Frequently, nutritional deficiencies and poor diet or lifestyle choices are at the center of systemic dysfunction that over time leads to our greatest health challenges.

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Jennifer Clemente's Training

I hold a Masters of Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, a program focused on a “functional” approach.  Additionally, I have completed hundreds of hours of adjunct training from various functional medicine programs including ten of Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s seminars, training in genetics, nutrigenomics, advanced thyroid care, and cancer.

I regularly attend various conferences including MAPS, IFM, IHS, am a proud member of the American College of Nutrition and am certified through the Board for Nutrition Specialists-the highest honor a nutritionist may receive.

Clinically, I have spent several years working closely with Dr. Raphael Kellman of the Kellman Center for Integrative and Functional Medicine, New York City’s most prestigious functional medicine practice and Dr. Chris Turnpaugh of Turnpaugh Health and Wellness in Mechanicsburg PA, one of the largest functional medicine practices in the US.

I also hold a 4 year certificate in spirituality based psychotherapy from the Helix Training Program in NYC.


Jennifer Clemente's Approach

I work with clients to create individualized therapeutic nutritional plans to support the body by removing the triggers of inflammation, optimizing the availability of nutrients and magnifying health by supporting the body’s immune, metabolic and detoxification pathways.  The right plan can shorten healing times allow you to regain the sense of vibrancy you may feel you’ve lost.

Body Bliss Nutrition in New York City

Interested in learning more about how you can use functional nutrition to return to a state of wellbeing? Contact me so we can start your journey today. The Body Bliss Nutrition office is centrally located—we're just 15 minutes from downtown Brooklyn or midtown Manhattan with easy access to most trains.