How to Beat the Cold and Flu

While I was thinking about topics for my first BBN Bulletin, clients started asking about holistic ways to arm themselves against the germs flying around right now. If you’ve ever been on a crowded New York City subway or bus in winter, you know it’s all too easy to get sneezed on or grab a handrail next to someone with the flu.

During this time of year, clients frequently come in for follow-up reporting they’ve been on antibiotics because of cold and flu symptoms like low-grade fever, cough, sneeze, body ache, congestion, headache or general malaise.  Unfortunately, medications do little to help since the source is typically viral.  Only bacterial infections respond to antibiotics. Taking frequent or unnecessary antibiotics can actually harm your body, killing off the friendly bacteria that live deep in the intestine dampening the immune system. So not only will the flu not budge, your immune system will actually suffer. Now I am not saying you should skip your medications if you have an actual infection or go against your doctor’s advice but I am advising that you choose antibiotic use wisely taking them only when absolutely necessary.

Over the counter medications (OTC) can be just as bad and filled with harsh ingredients that create unwanted side effects like liver damage, high blood pressure, allergic reactions, and toxicity. And let’s not forge gluten.  So many of my clients are autoimmune or autoimmune reactive and doing their best to avoid triggers like gluten, soy, food colorings and preservatives only to be exposed to these products.

What should you do when you get the cold and flu?

The first thing to keep in mind is the body is incredibly intelligent and has the ability to fight off these types of viral infections on its own.  That low-grade fever is actually a good thing that your body is doing to defend you but, there are steps you can take to help speed up the process. I’ve put together a few of my favorite home remedies as well as products I recommend to boost your immune system, relieve the typical symptoms of cold and flu and protect yourself from catching anything in the first place.

On a funny note, I came down with flu symptoms while writing this. What I did: NAC 900mg every 4 hours, hot water with lemon and Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Boiron ColdCalm 2 under my tongue every 15 minutes the first hour and every 3 hours after. I took a nap and a hot shower. My symptoms were resolved 24 hours later!

Check out my natural remedy recommendations for cold and flu season!

Order the Recommended Products

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