COVID-19 and Beyond, The BBN Method Part 1 Microbiome Health

The health and balance of the trillions of microscopic organisms living in the intestine is THE foundational aspect to health. This is so important that I consider it to be the FIRST pillar of health and the keystone in my method when working with clients regardless of the type of illness they are suffering from. All disease begins in the gut. All chronic inflammatory conditions are sparked by imbalances here.

And here’s why…

When the bacterial ecology living in the gut is balanced to favor strains that are health- promoting, the benefits are almost limitless including:

*the production of vitamins for the human body like B12, folate, niacin and Vitamin K

*fermentation of indigestible fibers to produce Short Chain Fatty Acids which are an energy source for the large intestine, effector of brain function, regulator of satiety, decreases cholesterol production and lowers inflammation

*strengthening the intestine wall and promoting its healing

*competing with “bad” bacteria for nutrients and crowding them out

*regulates immune responses

*balances the immune system by “training” it to differentiate between friend(you) and foe (foreign matter)

*regulation and balancing of inflammation

*production of neurotransmitters or chemical messengers for communication between brain and body. “GUT/BRAIN Axis” of communication

*help to digest food

*extract calories from food eaten (That’s right! A person with a healthy microbiome may take in LESS calories than someone eating the exact same food with an unhealthy microbial balance.

An unbalanced microbiome can lead to weight gain!).

*help regulate the stress response

*plays a role in circadian rhythm helping the body to shift into sleep and waking states

*metabolize used estrogens to be removed from the body

*act like tiny livers playing an active role in detoxification

There are literally hundreds of ways the gut microbiome shapes our health. When they are healthy we are healthy. When they are sick and suffering, you can bet, our own health suffers as well and inflammation will run rampant. Losing their protective benefits means the entire body works at a lower level. Approximately 70% of immune function is found in and around the intestine where it is intimately intertwined with the health of the gut microbiome.

When I work with clients one on one, I always recommend a GI MAP test. Simply put, the health of the gut microbiome is ground zero for every inflammatory condition I work with. Understanding how this system is working in your unique body is a key foundational piece to improving health whether you have chronic allergies, weight loss resistance, depression, Lyme disease, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease or any other inflammatory condition.

 What you can do right now:

1)For starters feed the good bacteria by eating a high fiber diet consisting mainly of plants-at least 60-70% of your plate. Eat as many greens, colors and different vegetables as possible every day. If you can’t go out to shop often during COVID, stock up on frozen vegetables and reach for vegetables you don’t normally eat. Variety is a key to a diverse microbiome. Highest fiber vegetables include artichoke, jicama, squash, parsnips, broccoli, sweet potato, swiss chard. Prebiotic (meaning fibers that specifically feed good bacteria) foods include jicama, onion, garlic, leeks, carrots, green banana, asparagus, sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes), dandelion and chicory. All of these are important to help boost your good bacteria ratios.

2)Eat fermented vegetables. Look for labels marked probiotic, living or live not pickled, sugar or vinegar. These are easy to find in most grocery store refrigeration aisles.

3)Drink at least 8 glasses of clean filtered water per day. More if you are over 130lbs or drink coffee. For every cup of coffee, you lose 2 cups of water so be sure to replenish.

4)Take a good quality probiotic. When I work with clients I use testing to determine the best one for their body however these are some of my favorite broad-spectrum probiotics that work on a number of conditions:

Target gb-X by Klaire Labs                                                                                                                TruBifido by Master Supplements                                                                                         Megaspore Biotic by Microbiome Labs                                                                                              Proflora 4R Restorative Probiotic by Bio-Botanical Research                                                 UltraFlora Integrity by Metagenics

5)Take additional prebiotics to improve the types of bacteria that are dominant in your gut. I don’t recommend doing this if you are suffering with intense abdominal bloating.

TruFiber Master Supplements                           

MegaPrebioitc Microbiome Labs

Enterovite by Apex Energetics-this is actually Short Chain Fatty Acids (discussed above)

To purchase any of these products, create an account here at Fullscript and email the office at info@bodyblissnutrition to receive an ongoing 10% store wide discount.


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