What Nutrients Are In My Food?

  Food is a core component of life as most of us know – we truly wouldn’t be able to survive without it! The nutrients within foods are what provide us with all of our energy, keep our bodies functioning at top performance, and put a smile on our face if everything is in check. It’s when our bodies are … Read More

Jennifer Clemente Featured in Women’s Health Magazine

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Jennifer Clemente offers insight + expertise to Women’s Health Magazine Body Bliss Nutrition’s own Jennifer Clemente offered her tips to Women’s Health Magazine in “34 Easy High-Protein Breakfasts That’ll Help You Lose Weight.” While Jennifer generally does not focus clients’ goals around weight loss—health and balance is way more important!—her recommendations provide a healthy, happy jumpstart to your day. “You … Read More

30-Day Body Bliss Re-boot


Update: Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to our 30-Day BodyBliss Re-Boot, this month’s slots have all been filled. We are offering the 30-Day program again at the end of February, starting February 26th. Sign up by February 19th to be a part of this exciting program. Chronic illness has reached unprecedented levels affecting more than 117 million people or … Read More

Body Bliss 10-Day Detox


Each year more than 4 BILLION pounds of chemical compounds and pollutants are released into the environment landing in our air, soil, food, water supply and us! While the human body is typically well equipped to rid itself of such toxins, today we find ourselves bombarded by levels unprecedented in history. Complicating things, there are a wide range of toxins … Read More

Why I became a Nutritionist

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My own journey began with a vacation to Costa Rica that set off a string of life changing events. Once home from my trip, I noticed that I began to feel “off”. Foods that I had always eaten began causing extreme pain, often so intense that I considered going to the ER. Next came crushing fatigue making it hard to … Read More