The Body Bliss Nutrition Approach

Embrace Your Microbiome

I work with clients to improve the body by removing the triggers of inflammation, optimizing the availability of nutrients and magnifying health by supporting the body’s immune, metabolic and detoxification pathways.  The right plan can shorten healing times allowing you to regain the sense of vibrancy you may feel you’ve lost.

At the very center of health is the community of trillions of organisms commonly called the gut microbiome. Changes here can impact every part of the body including the brain, mood, cognition, digestion, intestinal health, immunity, metabolism, hormones, skin and inflammation. The core of my approach, focuses on strengthening and rebuilding this ecosystem laying a powerful foundation for every system of the body.

As a holistic practitioner I understand that stress levels and mental state greatly impact health as well. As part of my services I work with clients to reduce stress levels by utilizing breathing and meditation techniques when needed.

Functional Testing

functional testing

The key to proper care starts with an understanding of your unique needs. In my practice I use several types of cutting edge tests to asses and uncover changes in the body that require support including:

• Hydrogen/Methane breath testing (for SIBO)
• Food Sensitivity Testing
• Salivary Genetics Testing
• Salivary Cortisol Testing
• Stool Analysis
• Functional Blood Testing
• Urine Analysis

About Nutritionist Jennifer Clemente

I am a board certified, clinically trained nutritionist and passionate educator specializing in holistic and dietary interventions for all types of chronic illness. Utilizing a functional medicine approach, I help clients uncover the root causes of the many health conditions they suffer with.