COVID 19 - An Open Letter to My Readers

Dear friend,

This moment is like none we have seen before. While we have all heard stories of past pandemics, plaques and epidemics, none in modern times has successfully shut down global society as we know it and left us all at home wondering what the future will bring. In the face of it all, you may feel overwhelmed, discouraged or deeply saddened. You are not alone.

In my work helping clients overcome their many complex health challenges, one thing stands out above all others; state of mind plays a huge role in the way healing takes place. We must believe we can be healthy. We must know that health is in our grasp to allow it to be so. It is my goal to empower you with some basic tools so you can start taking steps on the path to wellness and believe in your ability to be whole. Whether you are battling a chronic health condition or looking to improve your body’s overall function in the face of this unprecedented challenge, you are in the right place.

Following is a 6-part series containing simple, evidence based strategies to help pave the way for wellness by supporting the overall function of your body. While I cannot promise you will be immune to or cured of the coronavirus disease Covid-19 or the virus causing it (SARS-CoV-2), I can tell you that supporting the basic function of your body and improving overall health improves the chances of a positive outcome in the face of illness. I see this daily in my practice.

As a clinical nutritionist, board certified CNS and proud member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and American Nutrition Association, it is my hope that these approaches will help you to feel elevated, empowered and on the path to health.

In this series, I will explain each of the main tenets of the Body Bliss Nutrition Method and my

6 Pillars of Health plus outline some simple steps you can take now. We’ll explore:

  • Microbiome Health
  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Detoxification
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Targeted Natural Supplements

I wish you love, safety and good health in these unprecedented times,



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