30-Day Body Bliss Re-boot

Chronic illness has reached unprecedented levels affecting more than 117 million people or half of all adults as of 2012-the latest number published by the Centers for Disease Control. 

We now know that all disease begins in the gut. This is an idea that began to take root as far back as 400BC when Hippocrates spoke these very words. In modern times, testing and the ability to literally see into the body itself has given us more than a glimpse of the important role the intestine plays, hosting both the gut microbiome plus approximately 70% of the immune system, all while sorting, breaking down, excreting and assimilating the many nutrients it encounters.

Why my 30-Day BodyBliss Re-Boot?

This program includes a healing diet concentrating on foods with a low inflammatory impact that are highly nutrient dense. When combined with high-potency targeted nutraceuticals aimed at healing the gut wall, rebalancing the gut microbiome, reducing inflammation and supporting cellular detox, the body may begin to be relieved of many of the common underlying causes of illness. SIGN UP NOW

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 8 targeted nutritional supplements including shakes in pea/rice formula, grainless or collagen
  • Diet plans, recipes and sample meal days
  • Step by Step instruction guide
  • Daily emails with tips, additional recipes and inspiration to change your life
  • Closed Facebook group
  • Facebook LIVE Q&A sessions with nutritionist Jennifer Clemente
  • 10% off New Client or Return Client Visit as a thank you for completing the program
  • And as a special bonus, a copy of my e-book How To Choose The Right Probiotic For Your Particular Condition

Here are some of the benefits you may experience:

  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Improved bowel function, less bloating
  • Decrease in toxic burden
  • Improved liver function
  • Improved digestion and absorption
  • Improved sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Clear skin
  • More energy
  • Improved mood and mental clarity

Results vary from person to person and you may experience benefits specific to your health concerns.

What are you waiting for?

Your investment of $575 for this program can help kick off 2018 and start you on your path to repair and clear the underlying causes of chronic illness. BUY NOW


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